Discover the Best Restaurant Review Apps

We take a look at 10 of the best apps that recommend great places to dine such as Foursquare , EAT24 , Urbanspoon , Open Table , Tasteful , Starbucks , Google My Business , Yelp , Zagat , Zomato , Foursquare , The Infatuation , Gayot & Restaurant Finder.

Discover the Best Restaurant Review Apps

Nobody wants to cook all the time. Some days, you just want to relax and take it easy, either ordering takeout or heading to a delicious establishment near you. But how do you know where the best places to eat are? Sure, you can ask your friends or just take the plunge and try somewhere new, but sometimes you could use a more focused help. We take a look at 10 of the best apps to recommend great places to dine.

Another powerful giant, Foursquare has been hugely successful in recent years. While you'll be forgiven for thinking it's so you can half-harass your friends and compete to become “mayor” of various places, it's also a great tool for finding new places to eat. You can follow the people whose likes you trust to have their advice come first, along with tips on what to ask for. You can also tell the app what your favorite things are and it will adapt its results to your needs, making sure you only see the places you want to see. I'm sure a good taco has never been easier to find, right? You don't always want to go to a restaurant.

Sometimes, you just want to stay home and have the food come to you, saving you the effort of dressing up (or not at all).


is the application you need in this case, which allows you to order food in more than 25,000 different restaurants in more than 1500 different cities. You can search for specific cuisines, but what is more impressive, you can search for particular dishes, before browsing photos of delicious meals to see what seduces your taste buds. EAT24 will even allow you to securely store your payment details so you don't have to worry about remembering your credit card numbers. It's ideal for that Netflix binge.

By allowing you to compare dining options by rating, distance, cuisine and popularity levels, Urbanspoon is a big help, especially when you're in a new city. You can explore menus and photos of the food on offer, as well as consult online restaurant guides from critics and other food fans. You can even make reservations through the app, making sure it's the Swiss army knife of gastronomic apps. Covering more than 4,500 destinations in more than 150 cities and towns,. It even includes restaurants in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Recommendations come from a network of professionals, including top-notch chefs, butchers, food suppliers and waiters. It's also quite easy to make personalized lists, which is ideal for when you're planning an exciting vacation soon. There is no easier way to discover and book a table in a restaurant for free than with Open Table. Plus, as a bonus, you're even rewarded with lunch credits every time you go out to dinner. It's not bad if you ask me. This is a turning point for healthy eating.

With Tasteful, users can search for restaurants and their menus by simply selecting their healthy diet preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low-carb and gluten-free. It's crazy how useful this application is. As long as you can pay with your phone and be rewarded with free drinks and surprises is always a big plus. By using the Starbucks mobile app, you'll be able to pre-order and pick up your drinks without waiting in line, while also earning stars. If you go to Starbucks every day, it's a must, especially if you want to get free drinks and refills.

Restaurant Review Sites

Certain review sites such as Google and Yelp tend to receive more traffic than other less popular restaurant review websites.

Google My Business

is easily the most relevant and highest-traffic review site you need to worry about. Listing on Google My Business is free, so all restaurants should make sure they're listed here. This allows you to appear in Google Maps restaurant searches and makes it easier for customers to find you.


is one of the best-known review sites online and dominates search rankings. Facebook is also a great website for a social media marketing strategy, as well as social ads. Facebook advertising can help you reach a huge, targeted audience with good practices.


is one of the oldest and best-known restaurant rating and review websites.

Zomato, formerly known as Urbanspoon, is another popular and frequently visited restaurant review site. Customers can also make reservations through Zomato once they have found a restaurant.


is a business review site and app that lists several businesses, including restaurants.

The Infatuation

, owned by Zagat, so they show similar ratings and create restaurant guides. A Harvard Business School study found that even a one-star increase in Yelp ratings could increase revenues by 5-9%, especially for independent restaurants rather than chains. Because the search engine gets the right information from users - for example - a reviewer could create a five-star review just because it's his birthday and he received a gift cake with his name or because he got along very well with the waiter that day.


From getting free food at restaurants to discovering delicious restaurant recommendations from your favorite top chefs - you'll find the perfect app waiting for you to help master your next dining experience. And even if you don't claim your restaurant on these review sites - the information will be available to customers in any way.


, is estimated to receive more than 178 million unique users each month - so there is enormous potential for customers to find your restaurant business on this review website.


, named after a famous French food critic - is another restaurant review publication that has been around for 50 years.

Restaurant Finder

, with its simple name - doesn't just cover the United States and Canada - with many restaurants to find all over Europe - as well as in Australia - Brazil - Malaysia - and other countries.

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